Thanks. Could have sworn I'd had it so that it wasn't defined if one already existed and had that check after all other includes had been dealt with.

INT_MAX is, standards-notwithstanding, not universal. Neither are a number of other standard elements, which is why we need automake and autoconf. I'll remove the define and have a better check for it.

--- On Wed, 2/16/11, Guan Xin <> wrote:

From: Guan Xin <>
Subject: [Mhash-dev] Remove the INT_MAX macro
Date: Wednesday, February 16, 2011, 11:59 PM


The INT_MAX macro defined in "mutils/mincludes.h" confuses preprocessor integer size with compiler integer size. These two sizes are often different. This #define is incorrect and unnecessary because INT_MAX is in the standard C header <limits.h> (or elsewhere if there is no <limits.h>).


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