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new website

We are proud to announce the new design of our website. The new website, available at, is powered by Apache 2, mod_mono 1.13 and mojoportal.
The site itself is a good demostration of monoGIS working on Linux.
Please note that during next days our old website ( may still point to the old server.


Posted by Michael Paul 2006-07-28

monoGIS version 0.7 released

We are proud to announce the release of the version 0.7.
This version is used as a GIS backend for Appomattox Desktop GIS (see for details).
It is fully integrated with NTS (see\), and last not least it contains a fully compliant OGC WMS server.
To easily publish maps with monoGIS WMS you are now able to use Appomattox for generating the configuration files.
Enjoy!... read more

Posted by Michael Paul 2006-07-28

monoGIS integrates with NTS

We are pleased to announce that the maintainers of monoGIS have decided to integrate with Diego Guidi's NetTopologySuite (NTS). In the future, all spatial operations, spatial indexes, conversions between standard formats (WKB, GML, ..) and so forth within monoGIS will be handled by NTS.
We see this as a great step for .NET open-source GIS community as both projects will combine their forces in the future.
For details of NTS see

Posted by Michael Paul 2006-02-21

monoGIS web update

We are pleased to announce the following updates of our monoGIS website:
- you may find an updated roadmap of monoGIS here:
- you may find an updated section of how to contribute to monoGIS here:

Finally, we have started to define subprojects and tasks within our official project page. We have decided to open the development of monoGIS to more open audience. We need your help to achieve the needed functionality of the next milestones. See the following URL for details: read more

Posted by Michael Paul 2005-11-30


We are pleased to announce that the development version of the monoGIS WMS has passed all 75 out of 75 WMS conformance tests (basic profile) yesterday. Tests have been made within the official CITE portal maintained by the OGC.
The corresponding changes will be checked into CVS soon.

Posted by Michael Paul 2005-11-03

DWG driver

We decided to publish the DWG driver in a separate project. See

Posted by Michael Paul 2005-10-21


We have been informed that a part of the contributed sources may have been copied from another project.
These parts have been quit from the contributed source code.
The authors of monoGIS strongly encourage the open-source comunity to collaborate and to respect all copyright laws.

Posted by Michael Paul 2005-10-18

monoGIS 0.6 released

Today we have released monoGIS 0.6.
It has improved build and Linux support, better OGC compliancy and new data sources (Geomedia GDO, Oracle Spatial.
For improved documentation, samples and tutorials check again during the next days.
Note: this is still a beta release.

Posted by Michael Paul 2005-10-15

monoGIS:WMS Demo updated

As a preview of the monoGIS 0.6 release, we have updated our OpenGIS WMS based demo. You may access this demo either by a compatible WMS Viewer (e.g.\) and pointing it to this WMS server:
Or you simply enter into our project web with your browser:

Posted by Michael Paul 2005-10-14

monoGIS 0.6 release announced for October, 15th

The next release of monoGIS (version 0.6) is announced for October, 15th. This release will include many bugfixes, new datasources (like C# Shapefile and Oracle Spatial reader), updates within datasources, like support of ArcGeometry and CompositePolygonGeometry within the GDO datasource, and last not least a set of tutorials and reference papers.

Posted by Michael Paul 2005-10-01

monoGIS 0.5 released

We are pleased to announce the release of monoGIS 0.5.

Posted by Michael Paul 2005-08-05

The monogis project has gone live!

Please see for details.

Posted by Michael Paul 2005-08-05

WCS module

The first part of the WCS module has been released. It includes necessary support files like a C# R-Tree implementation and map of europe.

Posted by Michael Paul 2004-08-06

Requirements documentation released

An initial requirements version of this project has been released.

See document
"MGis WCS Module - Requirements definition"
at the documents section.

Posted by Sergi Ibańez 2004-08-05

monogis project published

monogis project has been published on
The current plan is to publish a first pre-release as soon as possible and search for contributors.

Posted by Michael Paul 2004-06-15

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