MF .Net author seeks volunteers

  • snarfle

    snarfle - 2012-02-22

    As I have mentioned elsewhere, I am trying to finish the work I have done on
    v2.0. I believe I have done that.

    However, it has been so long since I worked on this, I'm afraid I may have
    missed something. So before I release it, I'm looking for a few people to
    download it and look it over.

    I'm looking for people who will:

    • Read the docs for the library
    • Run the samples
    • Read the samples' docs
    • Work over the released version of MediaFoundation.dll

    and in general let me know if these files are ready for release. If you are
    that person, check out the files at:

    Let me know what you looked at, and whether you think it's ready to go.

  • LongkerDandy

    LongkerDandy - 2012-02-23

    Thanks for your work, snarfle
    I will look into it and post back later.

  • Huy Nguyen

    Huy Nguyen - 2012-02-23

    me too :)

  • LongkerDandy

    LongkerDandy - 2012-02-23

    Hi, I've go through the interfaces define, and found something below.
    Maybe you want to review them.

    line 682, should be: void Clear();
    line 692, should be: ref int lpdwNumProcessingModes,
    line 693, should be: Guid ppVideoProcessingModes);

    line 4885, should be: MFURLTrustStatus pTrustStatus
    line 5201, should be: ref float pflRate

    line 197, should be: public interface IMFLocalMFTRegistration

    line 868, should be: short pwStreamNumbers,
    line 894, should be: public interface IMFASFContentInfo : IMFAttributes
    And you may need to add the whole IMFAttributes member declare there, if I
    understand correctly.

    Hope these helps

  • snarfle

    snarfle - 2012-02-23

    Hey longkerdandy, thanks for the feedback. See my notes below.

    Clear() - Fixed. What is it with the MF team that they don't understand basic
    COM? SetDesiredSampleTimeAndDuration was the same way.
    lpdwNumProcessingModes - I'm not convinced I want to change this. Yes, the IDL
    says In+Out. But the IDL is wrong. The input value is not used, it is an out-
    only parameter.
    CustomMarshaler - While I would like to change this to out-only, I don't
    believe the custom marshaler can work if I do.

    IMFContentEnabler - As before, I don't believe this is an In parameter.
    IMFRateControl - I don't believe this is an In parameter

    IMFLocalMFTRegistration - Oops! Although in my defense, this is an untested

    GetSelectedStreams() - Hmm. Have you tried calling this method with your
    IMFASFContentInfo - While the docs say IMFASFContentInfo inherits from
    IMFAttributes, the IDL file does not. Since I have (successfully) used the
    this interface, and since it would fail horribly if it really did derive from
    IMFAttributes, I'm going to say the IDL is right and the docs are wrong.

    To support my position for the items where I have changed In/Out to be out-
    only, I will make a few points:

    1) If the type is ref, you must set a (useless and unused) value to the
    variable before calling the method.
    2) There are (very) tiny perf issues with having to marshal the (useless and
    unused) value in.

    While you might be able to talk me into changing these, I'd need to hear some
    compelling reasons. On the other hand, if it's going to change, v2.0 would be
    the right time.

    And if anybody knows someone from the MF team (or secretly is on the MF
    team), these kinds of things are the reasons I once-upon-a-time tried to get
    the IDL files released early. These kind of simple-to-fix issues take minutes
    to fix pre-release, and are iron-clad and permanent after.

  • snarfle

    snarfle - 2012-02-23

    I'm going to wait a bit before updating the zip files on the server with this
    feedback (and some I've received via email), just in case other people have
    notes they want to send me. Then I'll put the (hopefully) final bits on the
    server for any last observations.

    Thanks to everyone who is taking the time. Your feedback is both making the
    product better, and keeping it alive.

  • Steve

    Steve - 2012-02-29

    Hi Guys,

    Snarfle has done an excellent job to create the library and get it to 2.0 Beta
    (along with some help from others - sorry I don't know who you are!) but he is
    now down to himself doing the work. In the interests of keeping the library
    alive (and giving something back after using Directshow.Net for so long!) i've
    signed up to help write tests etc. for V2.1.


    We would like, rather we NEED some more people to assist. We need YOU
    Whether you can spare an hour a week or an hour a night, it all helps.

    Lets keep MF.Net alive - it benefits us all in the end, otherwise we'll all
    need to get down and dirty with C++. Personally, I cleaned up quite a while
    ago and I'd rather keep it that way! It leads to less headaches! Now i'm just
    getting started with Media Foundation so, I'm pretty much starting from
    scratch, so don't feel that you need a ton of knowledge to help.

    Snarfle might not beg .... but I am shameless and I already get enough
    headaches, so PLEASE help!

    If you can :

    help write some tests for V2.1
    review work / samples as it is produced
    *review / test work prior to release

    Or if you can think of anything else that might help, then post here or
    message Snarfle and let us know (my screenname will be changing shortly)

    Many thanks in advance!

  • snarfle

    snarfle - 2012-02-29

    And to follow up on stev10's remarks, I have taken the feedback that I have
    received and updated the zip files. Call this beta 2:

    One week from today (March 7th) I'll be releasing these files as v2.0 unless I
    hear otherwise. So if you were planning to review or give feedback, now's the

    People who have provided feedback are now listed in the WhatsNew.txt!

  • NetCoder

    NetCoder - 2012-03-06

    Hello developers, I was starting and creating my first project with when I was asked by my boss to move to Media Foundation. So I
    will start playing and would like to contribute to this project.

  • m9k

    m9k - 2012-03-06

    Well I'm still in for this (didn't I promise to help a while ago?), but the
    time don't match with my workload at the moment :(

    I'm using MF.NET in my next version (audio only), and haven't found any big
    issues related to sound in the "pre beta1, from cvs".

  • m9k

    m9k - 2012-03-07

    @ snarfle
    I have a project that is going live tomorrow, so I don't have the time right
    now :(

    I would encourage you to move the dealine to monday, so that we all have the
    weekend to test it.

  • snarfle

    snarfle - 2012-03-08

    @ m9k
    Umm. Hmm. You posted a response suggesting a move in the deadline after I p
    the new files?

    I tried really hard to encourage people to take a look, starting a full month
    before I did the release. In fact, I believe I even sent you a private message
    like 2 weeks ago asking you to take a look. I'm sorry you didn't get one last
    weekend to look things over, but it's not like I was sneaking up on people.

    On the plus side, now that v2.0 has shipped, work can start on v2.1! If you do
    find anything, an updated release may not be that far off. With a few
    dedicated people, the next release might just be a couple months away. Will
    you be joining us on the v2.1 work?


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