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  • snarfle

    snarfle - 2009-03-22

    So, here we are a year an a half later since the last release.

    To my surprise, there have been over 1,000 downloads of the library. On the other hand, there have been less than 10 threads in this forum over the entire lifetime of the project. I'm interpreting that to mean that while people are grabbing a copy of the library in case they ever need it, very few people are actually using it.

    Looking forward, Microsoft has added a bunch of new interfaces to Windows 7 ( They are designed to make MF much easier to use, as well as expanding the functionality. Obviously these features will only work in W7 (and beyond).

    So, the question is, does anyone think we need to add these definitions to this library? Or is there just not enough interest in using Media Foundation from c# to make it worth the effort?

    Let me hear your thoughts.

    • LaD

      LaD - 2009-08-16

      yes, I have to decide now. I thought, if this will be ready in 1-2 weeks, I could use this. Both systems (mf and DShow) are new to me, and If I have to choose one to learn, I would rather choose this one.
      Worst case, I write the capture in c++ and use it as a dll. Which method would you use?

    • ritesh

      ritesh - 2009-03-23

      I don't think these features will stay only in windows 7 (well i just hope they won't). I believe they will be included in vista too but that might take some time. Microsoft might include it to vista in order to encourage programmers to use media foundation instead of directshow.

      Well, of course i think it is worthy. Don't just think, do it. Your library has not been updated in a while. And if possible, update the library too. Add the EVR interfaces to it.

      • snarfle

        snarfle - 2009-03-24

        Is there some reason you think the features from W7 will come back to Vista? They didn't bring the features from Vista back to XP. Now that MS has decided this stuff is an OS component, their philosophy appears to be that if you want the new features, buy the new OS. A philosophy not entirely without merit.

        As for not doing an update in a while, well, MS hasn't done any updates to DirectShow in a while. In fact, it appears they don't ever intend to do another update. Such being the case, there doesn't appear to be a reason to update that library unless there's some type of problem found.

        Adding EVR to DS doesn't seem necessary. One of the things we decided early on when we were working on the DS library was to be cautious about adding features from other API sets. If you aren't careful, eventually you are trying to bring in every API set in Windows.

        If someone needs EVR, the interfaces and classes are already here, and adding a second library reference doesn't seem like a big deal.

        Now, as for adding more to this library, it takes time and effort to do it right. So I have to ask myself, is someone actually going to use that work? Or am I just doing it so I can say I did?

        At this particular instant, MF just doesn't appear to be a popular technology with the coding public (not even c++ coders). But perhaps a deluge of responses to this thread will show me I'm wrong, and c# coders are eager for access to these new features.

        • Daniel

          Daniel - 2009-04-03

          I myself have plans to use the library, in the near future; just first have to finish some other projects I have on my plate. I'm unsure if I would be needing the new interfaces introduced in Win7 though.

          • snarfle

            snarfle - 2009-04-03

            The W7 interfaces would obviously only work on W7. That limits their usefulness for most people.

            What interfaces do you expect to be using?

            • Daniel

              Daniel - 2009-05-06

              Yeks, been over a month already. Sorry for the long delay.

              I have yet to fully look over WMF, or the samples so I don't have a complete understanding of the work flow or interfaces yet. I have been using DirectShow currently; but like to see if WMF can offer somethings that DirectShow can only do by C++ and/or creating custom filters. Which would be a nightmare for me.

              Video Playback [through DirectX, which I already do in DS] (of course), and being about to get the raw audio data before it goes to the renderer (sound card) are the two top priorities of mine I'd like to do. having a source of loading from like IO.Stream would also be nice (

              The extra format/codec support from Win7 (especially MPEG4), and audio/video capture are pluses (Can't believe they are not updating Vista for these updates).

              • snarfle

                snarfle - 2009-05-06

                Well, I don't have much to add to what I said last time.

                As for capturing audio in DS, you can do that the same way you capture video: Use the sample grabber.

              • Shy Alon

                Shy Alon - 2009-08-06

                I would have to agree that the MPEG4 functionality would be highly appreciated

    • ritesh

      ritesh - 2009-03-24

      Okay, okay i guess you are right. Microsoft was like that and will always be.

      And try to post this thread in the directshow forum!

      • snarfle

        snarfle - 2009-03-27

        An MS response on whether these new features will come back to vista:

        Not a lot of ambiguity there. It's always possible they might change their mind, but that's a pretty recent post.

      • snarfle

        snarfle - 2009-03-24

        The "Do you want another release" part?

        People are much more interested in using DS than MF, so it would be much easier to justify spending time on another release for that library. However, as we say in the readme:

        As of v2.0, there are no more interfaces to be tested in DirectShow (unless someone on our dev team purchases some hardware that supports different interfaces). Since Microsoft is not planning any more releases of DirectShow, v2.0 may be the last release of the library (unless bugs are found).

        So, while I'm not opposed to doing another release for that library. I just don't know what DS functionality we could add.

    • ritesh

      ritesh - 2009-03-24
      • snarfle

        snarfle - 2009-03-24

        I'm not sure I understand what you mean.

        The "MF" part of IMFVideoRenderer suggests pretty clearly that this interface doesn't belong in the DS library. And it is already in the MF library (albeit untested).

    • ritesh

      ritesh - 2009-03-25

      Well its not in the library too

      • snarfle

        snarfle - 2009-03-25

        It's in the source code (EVR.cs), and will be in the library if you do a debug build. As I said, it's untested. From the readme:

        it may be that you need to use an interface that hasn't been tested yet. All the untested interfaces, structs and enums are included in the source, but are wrapped within:



        Release builds of the library do not expose these interfaces. If you want to enable all the methods, you can use #define in specific source files or globally with project properties to define this constant, and then build your own copy of the library. However, don't be surprised if some of the methods/interfaces that haven't been tested don't work correctly. Also, when the method is eventually tested, the definition may be modified.

    • ritesh

      ritesh - 2009-03-25

      Wow! i did not knew that. Anyway thanks

      • snarfle

        snarfle - 2009-03-25

        There are people interested in the EVR. Doing a 1.1 to test those interfaces may be worthwhile.

    • DreamFly

      DreamFly - 2009-05-17

      Yes, please include Windows 7 functionalities in

      Thank you!

    • MikeH

      MikeH - 2009-07-19

      Yes please!

      You should consider the "Play To Feature" it uses DLNA devices to play video and audio remotely on TVs and Audio Players. There is the new IMFDLNASinkInit Initerface in Media Foundation 2.0 which will be used for this.

      Here the broader picture:

      Microsoft seems not be able to provide managed interfaces for Media Foundation 2.

      So please implement the new Media Foundation 2 Features!

      Thanks a lot for your time and effort!

      • snarfle

        snarfle - 2009-07-19

        The problem with IMFDLNASinkInit (and the other new interfaces) is that they are ONLY available if you are running W7. As near as I know, there is no plan to migrate them back to Vista, and they certainly won't work on XP.

        The other thing you might notice is a complete lack of any information about how to actually use this interface. A search of turns up 3 hits, which are all the api reference. A scan of the SDK samples shows zero hits.

        Having the c# defs for the interfaces is just a (small) first step.

    • Rob Oakes

      Rob Oakes - 2009-08-05

      Hi, I just wanted to add my voice to the others asking for Windows 7 features. I have been working on a podcast aggregator for a while, it is primarily written in IronPython, which means that a managed interface is a must. I would love to make use of the new Windows 7 features, including the "send to device" options. After looking briefly at the documentation, I was happy to see that Media Foundation 2.0 is a great deal easier to use. The combination of easier to use + improved codec support hopefully means that it will more aggressively adopted.

      While I understand the concerns that the new features will only work on the newest version of Windows, I'm not sure that this should be a reason against another release. Unlike Vista, there is a great deal of excitement for 7 and it is likely that it will be accepted much more rapidly. I've personally upgrade my laptop and desktop to 7 and I am excitedely awaiting the official release.

      In short, please have another release. It would be wonderful to have access to the Windows 7 Features from IronPython.

      • snarfle

        snarfle - 2009-08-05

        Are there some particular W7 MF interfaces you are looking for?

    • LaD

      LaD - 2009-08-15

      I am really looking for w7 mf features! I am working on a lego robot project in .net and I want to add a webcamera for the project. For this I would like to use Video capture features are only in mf2 and win7.
      Could you tell me when you will have the release?

      • snarfle

        snarfle - 2009-08-15

        Have you considered using DirectShow? It supports capture.

        Check out http://DirectShowNet.SourceForge.Net.

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