Seeking feedback on mfnet

  • snarfle

    snarfle - 2007-07-19

    I see people have started downloading the library and I'm glad to see it. I've put a lot of time into this project, and I hope you are finding it to be useful.

    I would really appreciate it if a couple people could take a minute or two to respond to this message and let me know what they think of this product. I want to move ahead to v1.0, but I'm not prepared to do that until I can convince myself that it is at least running on machines other than my own.

    All I'm looking to hear is:

    • Did the samples run for you?
    • What do you think of the docs? Useful? Confusing? Too little? Too much?
    • Are you using the library to do development? Or just poking about to see what MF is all about?

    Nothing fancy. Just a sentence or two should cover it. If you want to throw in your opinions about MF in general, I'd be interested in that too!

    I have another of MF's c++ samples (MFT_GrayScale) running in c# and it will be in the next download. But the next download is waiting to hear from you!

    • Rossco

      Rossco - 2009-07-22

      Phillipe - SampleGrabberSink might be what you are looking for. I personally use DirectShow.NET + Emgu CV for my image processing programs.

      Snarfle - Thanks again for all the work you've done. It makes my work life so much easier!!!

    • Johnny Locust

      Johnny Locust - 2007-10-31

      It worked like a charm for me. I had to use the lib to get the Enhanced Video Renderer to work in my app ( Had you not gone through the trouble of creating MediaFoundation.dll I would have never figured it out. I'm definitely going to be looking more into how MF works.

    • snarfle

      snarfle - 2007-11-08

      Glad it's working for you. Looks like a cool project you've got going.

    • Fadi .K

      Fadi .K - 2009-05-13


      I read and feel that you are a bit disappointed by the lack of feedback.
      My friend, ALOT of people are grateful for your efforts in DirectShowLib.Net, WindowsMediaLib and to tell you the truth, I am going
      to download the MF to play with it and see what i can do with this new infrastructure.

      Please keep in mind that sometimes we put aside our happy projects and thoughts until we get home and have time to play some bit with our own code.

      In short, do not get discouraged, we are here and trust me once Windows 7 kicks in officially near christmas, you'll see more people heading towards MF as Vista ain't that great right now.

      Wish you the best, and hopefuly someday i'll be able to patch in with you and help out :)



    • Hocman

      Hocman - 2009-05-15

      After doing some work with the library late last summer and then having to put the project on hold i'll be starting back up with it in the coming weeks. I'll post some more feedback as i get going.

      Thanks again for the work!


    • Philippe Lavoie

      Philippe Lavoie - 2009-05-15

      The samples didn't execute for me :( Windows 2008, 64 bits. Something about a Class not registered.

      Personally, I'm loooking into doing live video processing, i.e. doing edge extraction, feature matching, between images and then adding little icons on the video to show what the system was able to recognize from frame to frame.

      Ultimately I only need something that allows me to get to the buffered data, manipulate the image (even forward it to another video buffer for validation) and then add some video cues to the image. I'm not even sure if MediaFoundation is what I need.

      Looks like every video code by MS is done in C++ and not C#. Usuallly, I wouldn't care, however I want to leverage F# and the parrallel extension of .Net to speed up the processing. Not something I can easilly do in C++.

      • snarfle

        snarfle - 2009-05-15

        I believe MS only supports Media Foundation on Vista (and soon W7).

        Have you considered using DirectShow? There's a c# library available for that at http://DirectShowNet.SourceForge.Net

    • Stephen Slezic

      Stephen Slezic - 2009-06-25

      Hiya snarfle,

      Thanks so much for putting the time into and sharing this project. I've been tasked with prototyping a video processing application, and Media Framework (with its samples) seemed like the lowest barrier to entry. Except the thought of writing C++ Windows GUIs after 4 years of working in C# turns my stomach. :)

      And so, I'm chugging along in your code. Trying to simplify what can be simplified. Reorganize what I can to help me learn the full extent of MF. I suppose this would've been easier, for me of course, if the MFPlayer sample was converted as well. But I guess that would take all the fun out of it! So, again, I hope you know your effort is greatly appreciated.

      If I do come up with something interesting that doesn't overlap my company's IP, I'll be sure to share.

      • snarfle

        snarfle - 2009-06-25

        It's true that there's a lot that can be done to improve the samples. Putting aside the fact that the c++ I copied them from wasn't always perfect, I made little effort to .Net-ify them. So, while they do what they say they do, that's about as much as I'll claim for them.

        On the other hand, it is way easier to take something that is working (however imperfectly) and improve it or adjust it to exactly what you need. And it sounds like that's precisely how you are using them. If you should end up with a (sharable) MFPlayer (or MFPlayer2) let me know.

        I could offer you a c# EVRPlay if that would be useful. Check out the platform sdk for the description of the original c++ sample.


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