V2.0 is in progress

  • snarfle

    snarfle - 2009-08-23

    There are several tasks I'm trying to accomplish for v2.0:

    * Add the W7 interfaces, structs enums, guids, etc to the library
    * Change from the exception model to an HRESULT model
    * Update the samples to work with HRESULTs
    * Update the docs
    * Determine which of the W7 interfaces to test and test them

    As of today, the first two items on the list are done and checked in. The samples are probably next on the todo list. If you have any preferences about which interfaces need to go on the list to be tested for v2.0, feel free to share you thoughts in this thread. If you are willing to help create the tests for your chosen interface, that's going to push it to the top of the list.

    • snarfle

      snarfle - 2009-08-23

      The list of w7 interfaces:


  • Glenn H

    Glenn H - 2010-02-28

    Is there any way at all to get a copy of what you have done so far on version
    2.0? I am desperate to get my hands on a library which supports the W7
    interfaces (in particular all of the capture APIs).

    Please let me know... thanks!

    And thanks for your efforts on this project to date.

  • Stewart Stoakes

    Stewart Stoakes - 2010-02-28


    I would be quite happy to be involved with any testing of the interfaces if
    your still doing v2.0. Its an amazing library as I have said before and as Im
    using it, I would be more than pleased to have a hand in its
    maintenance/progression. Im a C#/C++ coder with 14 years experience in
    software development. Please let me know if you require a hand......


  • snarfle

    snarfle - 2010-03-01

    To be honest, I had pretty much put this project on hold. Based on the number
    of posts in the forum, and the number of downloads, there just doesn't seem to
    be much interest.

    If I needed to do capture, I'd be thinking about using DirectShow (http://d
    ), if for
    no other reason than it works on XP, Vista and W7. Unlike the capture
    interfaces in MF.

    That said, however, you can find all my latest work in CVS here on SF (http:/
    ). The W7 definitions are all there, but are
    all untested. Also note that as promised, I have changed all the definitions
    from PreserveSig(false) to PreserveSig(true).

    I have not updated any of the samples to start checking return codes.

    And a note to Stewart, if you are serious about helping, drop me an email
    (click on snarfle next to this message, then choose "send me a message"). I
    can tell you that the work will be boring, frustrating and without financial
    reward (and it definitely doesn't impress chicks). If that sounds like your
    kind of project, list me know! If someone is willing to work with me on this,
    I spose I can do one more release.

  • Glenn H

    Glenn H - 2010-03-02

    Fantastic! Thanks very much for that. While I do not have time to test
    everything in the library, I will certainly report back if I find any

    We actually already have capture working in DirectShow using a couple of
    different methods, but I am keen to move forward with the new Media Foundation

    There may not be much interest in this project at the moment simply because
    DirectShow is so entrenched, but that will change as time goes on.

  • Mahmoud Hossam

    Mahmoud Hossam - 2010-04-02

    I really hope you can finish the documentation for 2.0 before you decide to
    leave this project for good

  • snarfle

    snarfle - 2010-04-03

    I almost started work on this project again. There was someone who
    volunteered to help. He sounded really interested and excited to work. Right
    up until he disappeared and was never heard from again. He's not the first to
    have done this. Just part and parcel of collaborative work on the internet.

    The docs don't often change much between releases. Was there some part in
    particular you had questions about? If so, perhaps a new thread would be a
    better place to discuss it.

  • Richard Esmond

    Richard Esmond - 2010-04-18

    First off, my team has been working with your library for the last two weeks
    and we are very impressed by it, so we thank you very much for your work, but
    I have a couple of questions where I think you could offer some very useful

    One question involves Silverlight. We are looking at offering a Silverlight v4
    exposure of our product later in the year but we are still early in the
    process of getting to know the various limitations of that platform, so any
    information that you might have relating to how your library might, or might
    not, fit in to that kind of offering would be helpful. And if your library
    fits in that strategy, we would be willing to offer back some samples to you
    once we get to that point.

    FYI, our needs are completely centered around Audio for speech recognition and
    transcription playback, so we really aren't leveraging any of the Video
    functionality, but we are exposing some fairly sophisticated functionality to
    're-arange' and 're-time' the audio stream between when we capture it (through
    SAPI) and when we play it back.

    Anyway, thanks a bunch for all your hard and very useful work...

  • snarfle

    snarfle - 2010-04-18

    I am glad you are finding it useful. Of the 3 libraries I have created, MFNet
    wouldn't have been the one I reached for first to do audio work, but it is
    probably the most "future-proof" technology.

    I'm afraid I have never worked with Silverlight, so I can't offer you any
    insight on how it might be integrated.

    I suppose if people are really using this library, I should get off my butt
    and do another release.

  • Anonymous - 2010-07-14

    hi there,

    first of all, great piece of work. it made my first steps with MF and managed
    code becoming a pleasure. however, as i read that you´re planning to release
    version 2, i wonder if there is any schedule about this? is the project still
    keep it on ;)
    regards from austria

  • snarfle

    snarfle - 2010-07-18

    Well, I did do a burst of work on this last August (was it really that long
    ago?). Look at message #5 (above) for a description of the work that is done
    and where you can get a copy.

    As to whether the project is alive, umm. Hmm. I haven't really done anything
    with MF for a really long time. While I'd like to do that last release, it's
    hard to stay fired up about a product that only generates 4 messages a year.

  • Edtech

    Edtech - 2010-08-17

    I am really interested in this project.

    My goal is to create WMF codecs.

    First step, rewrite the example of the SDK for Windows 7, WaveSource in C#.
    Next, create a codec Flac / OGG, then if it works, go further with a MKV
    splitter and VobSub filter (but, there are job!)

    I just start C# development, but it's a really easy langage to learn (I
    perfectly know Delphi and is very resembling).

    If you want help, I would be very happy to test and if possible provide
    support deeper in the development of this library.

  • snarfle

    snarfle - 2010-08-17

    There is already a c# version of the WaveSource sample in the samples

    While I will probably get around to doing a v2, I don't have a schedule yet.


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