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MeV v4.4.1 is released

The latest bugfix release of MeV, v4.4.1, is now available for download at This release contains several small bug fixes. The MeV team recommends that all MeV users upgrade to this newest version.

• State-saving optimizations in the TTEST and SAM modules. • Fixed problem in Rank Products analysis that prevented two-class unpaired from running more than 40 samples.
• Fixed GUI issues with Cluster Manager.
• Changed display of node heights for Hierarchical Clustering.
• Fixed cluster storing dialog box bug- dialog box could not be cancelled.
• When launched via Java Webstart, MeV now loads data with correct row indexing
• Table links to external GO databases now support multiple terms.
• Chromosomal location end-coordinates are now loaded fully, rather than with a truncated last digit
• Annotation fields are now re-loaded in the same order they were saved in.
• Hypergeometrc distribution is now calculated correctly.

The TM4 Group

Posted by Daniel Schlauch 2009-07-01

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