Hi Rupert,


Thanks for the report and sorry for the problem.


Mac OSX renders Java file choosers a little differently than Windows.  Java file choosers can be explicitly set as designed to be used for ‘Open’ mode where the user can select a particular *existing* file to open.  The other mode is ‘Save’ where one can navigate the file system and then can specify a particular file name to save in a text area.  For Windows it happens that both of these modes Java gives us a text field to specify an output file name.  Java for Linux and at least current versions of Java for Mac will display these two modes differently and when the file chooser is not specified as a ‘Save’ type it is assumed to be an ‘Open’ type and lacks a text area to specify the output file name.


The analysis save dialog in MeV is modified in that it has the text at the top.  The file chooser portion of the dialog type (mode) is not set to ‘Save’ explicitly and renders in the ‘Open’ mode and for Linux and Mac it lacks the text field to specify the file.


I have the Harvard/DFCI MeV team in the Cc field and this email can serve to notify them of this issue.   We’ll be in touch when a patch has been made.  In the meantime, you can create an empty file such as ‘analysis.anl’ in the destination folder of your choice, and this can be selected from the existing file chooser.  The contents (which should be empty at first) will be overwritten when you save the analysis.  This is sort of a work-around but it should work for now.






Eleanor, and the DFCI team,


I think we need the following line at about line number  510 in the MultipleArrayViewer class to remedy this issue.




Let me know if you would like me to commit this change or if you would like to drop this into the code.  My change would be to the version in the 4.1.01 branch in SourceForge.  If you have critical changes to this class you can either add this line or commit your current version of this class to SourceForge so that I can add this patch.  Please let me know if you’ll add the modification or if you need to update SVN’s branch.






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From: Rupert Overall [mailto:rupert.overall@crt-dresden.de]
Sent: Tuesday, April 08, 2008 10:31 AM
To: mev
Subject: Error in Save Dialog


Having just installed the new MeV v4.1.01, I have already noticed a lot of improvements in the GUI, especially the use of native file browser dialogs. The Save Dialog for the 'Save Analysis As...' feature, however, has no provision for filename entry!

I am using v4.1.01 on MacOSX 10.5.2 running Java version 1.5.0_13


Rupert Overall