Raktim and Sarita,

Would you work on updates to the relevant sections as well?


Braisted, John C. wrote:
Manual for the next release

Would it be possible to commit an updated word version of the MeV manual to the user_docs area of the SourceForge repository?  That would allow me to integrate my nonparametric module manual section into the manual.    Either that or put it on your ftp site so that I can grab it.  I can send my section in a word doc but I thought it might be easier on you guys if I were to integrate the text.

Regarding commits to CVS...

I have all changes ready to go into the SourceForge cvs area.  Before I commit I need to make a list of the new package and classes that support it.  I should have the code in SourceForge tomorrow and have a build.xml that has targets for the new module.

I'll also include a list of the little add-ons that were previously committed since the last release.


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