sherden - 2013-10-23

Hi I would really love a 64 bit version of MeV, and I certainly am not the only one as seen here:

I can only allocate a little over 2gigs of memory to the heap of MeV before it crashes on loading (without giving any error, though I can force error reporting through the council to see what is going on.) It is ridiculous in 2013 to have a program stuck in 32 bit land especially when the data sets it designed to analyze can easily breach the 32-bit barrier, especially when clustering, and all the computers we have have more then enough memory to run all our data and then some. The limitation for us to do work on the full data sets (like we are supposed to be doing) is 100% on MeV. MeV just won't let us, because, as fantastically useful and wonderful a program it is, MeV is still effectively steam and coal powered.

I am aware the issue is that one or more of the libraries or classes MeV is dependent upon are only 32 bit, so the MeV team cannot directly do anything about that. But at the very least could you tell me what those 32 bit outsourced dependencies are and who to contact about them? That way I can lobby everyone of every project involved at all levels of dependencies for MeV to put away their buggy whips and pantaloons and start working in the 21st century. Theoretically rebuilding all of the fundamentally 32-bit dependencies should only take like 5 mins each. In terms of ratio of enhanced utility to amount of programing effort required, a fully 64-bit MeV should be the single most obvious and significant request feature for MeV entailing relatively minimal effort.