Running MeV v4.7.4 on a 64-bit computer

  • Inma Spiteri

    Inma Spiteri - 2012-02-06


    I recently upgraded my PC to Windows7 (64bit) and I'm having problems running LIMMA.

    First MeV displayed a note saying: "you need to have 32bit JVM as default for LIMMA. Please contact MeV support if you need help". I followed the intrustcions on your web page (, followed step1 and spet2(alternative) and when I tried to run LIMMA again the following error message showed up: "R_HOME dir:C:\Users\inma\Desktop\MeV_4_7_4\R-2.9.1 does not exist. Pssible causes: MeV launched via webstart, :C:\Users\inma\Desktop\MeV_4_7_4\R-2.9.1 location removed ".

    I have downloaded R-2.9.1 into the MeV4.7.4 folder and run LIMMA again. Now I got another error message: "R.DLL version does not match (DLL:2.9.1, expecting 2.11.0).

    I guess Mev4.7.4 runs only R-2.11.0 and not R-2.9.1? How can I then run LIMMA on my new 64bit machine?


  • Inma Spiteri

    Inma Spiteri - 2012-02-06

    In case someone else encounters the same problem, the solution is to edit the TMEV_64.bat file downloaded from "" and just change all R-2.9.1 for R-2.11.1.


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