Pep - 2010-06-19

I started having a problem  with MeV. I run a  one-way  ANOVA test  and aparently everything is OK. I get a set of significant and non-significant genes I get the images, graphs and tables correctly. I run a KMC clustering using the significant data and I get agin everything OK.  I save the analysis apparently  with no error and re-start the program and reload the analysis. Now  KMC data graphs and cluster images are ok.  But  something became wrong on the  ANOVA groups.  Despite graphs and tables are ok, Images seem  to be corrupted in some way and  significant and non-significant groups  dont appear anymore and  two  generic and blank "expression image"  writing is shown instead.
I use Java 1.6.0_04  on XP  and either MeV  4.2, , 4.3 or 4.5 with same result. Some time never had  this kind  os problem  and after some test reinstalling  java , to  1.6.0_07   or  leoading datafiles to generate new  ann files I dont know what to do
Does anybody know how to fix it?