NineC - 2011-09-13

Hello MeV team,
I use MeV to analyse our genomic data, and the more I use it, the more I like it. Nevertheless, I've got some issues, and here is the first one. I'll try to solve the other ones on my own before I post …

I'm using MeV 4.7.3 on Mac to analyse CGH data, that were mapped on Homo sapiens build hg18. The CGH analysis works fine, the amplified/deleted regions are found and annotated correctly on the chromosome view. But when I want to see the genomic regions in the proposed browsers, "Launch Golden Path" opens the web page on UCSC hg17, and "Launch Ensembl" opens on the current hg19 in Ensembl. None of them being correct for my data. I can manually correct the USCC address in the browser from hg17 to hg18, then convert the region to hg19 and copy/paste the proper coordinates in Ensembl … but we MeV users being spoiled, this is quite tedious.
Is there a simple way to tell MeV to link to the proper build on both servers ?
I've search and couldn't find any preferences file to change.

Thanks for any help !

(details in case it has some importance in this issue, even if I doubt it :
MacOs 10.5.8, Java Runtime 1.5.0_30, Java 3D Runtime 1.3.1)