Unable to load data OSX

  • DSegers

    DSegers - 2009-11-16


    I seem to be unable to load and analyze data in MeV 4.4 (v10.2) on a mac running OSX 10.6 with java.
    I load my data as seen here  then hit "load"
    When finished I see this:
    All the buttons are grayed out and the expression plot is gray as well. Anyone have a clue what's going on here?

      : http://grab.by/ATb
      : http://grab.by/ATd

  • DSegers

    DSegers - 2009-11-17

    in fact I'm using MeV 4.5.0

  • DSegers

    DSegers - 2009-11-17

    Got it working now. Probably had to do with  the fact that snow leopard (OSX 10.6) chooses the 64-bit java engine as a preference. Resetting it to 32-bit made the problem disappear. You can change this using the java preferences app you can find in the utilities folder in the applications folder of your computer.

  • raktim

    raktim - 2009-11-17

    I am glad it is working. In MeV 4.5 you do not have to manually switch from 64 to 32 bit java. The app launcher should do it automatically for you.
    Thanks for using MeV

  • DSegers

    DSegers - 2009-11-19

    I'm having the same problem again trying to load a different dataset (with equal mark-up as the previous one). Switching the java version did not help this time. Hope that someone can help me out.

  • raktim

    raktim - 2009-11-19

    Can you do the following:

    Go to Finder -> type Console -> Launch the Console app.
    Then Launch MeV from MeV.app
    Follow the steps you are doing to reproduce the problem
    GO back to Console and copy the output regarding the MeV application from there and send it to us.

    Also the link that you posted here for the data asks for a user name passwd. Can you post the new sample set again and let us know as well.


  • khalil kane

    khalil kane - 2010-09-29

    I have the same problem with MEV in windows and MAcos. can somebody help

  • khalil kane

    khalil kane - 2010-10-05

    i have the same problem and dont know how to resolve it


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