DAM: Discriminant Analysis Module

  • sebkg

    sebkg - 2009-07-02

    I have been trying to use the discriminant analysis module of MeV. I have attempted a variety of different parameters and datasets but after completing the DAM classification editor nothing happens. Is there a bug in the current release? Am I doing something wrong?

    Here are some sample parameters used but really I have attempted every combination.....
    Classify Experiments
    Disable Data Screening Step
    4 Classes
    3  Components
    Disable Validation

    • Eleanor Howe

      Eleanor Howe - 2009-07-02

      Hi there,

      I've tried using DAM on my computer with an affymetrix dataset and the setting you have described, and it works for me. Can you give me some more information about the type of data you loaded, the computer you are running MeV on, and if there are any error messages in the console when you run DAM?


      • sebkg

        sebkg - 2009-07-03

        Hi Eleanor,
        thank you for your reply. I ended up trying the algorithm on another computer (Win XP) and it worked fine. The computer that it doesn't work on is a Vista 64 bit machine.
        thanks again,

        • Eleanor Howe

          Eleanor Howe - 2009-07-09

          Hi Sebastien,

          Well, we've verified the problem you had with the DAM module. (Actually, Dan verified it, since he's the one with a 64-bit Vista machine.) It's not Java3D-related, but rather a problem with the module itself. We've put it on our bug list and I'll post it as a known issue on the TM4 website. Thank you for finding this!



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