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using diff. methods for gene and sample clust

  • Iov Gambiae

    Iov Gambiae - 2010-06-11

    I was wondering whether I can use individual methods (or metric) for sample and gene clustering and still get both trees on the same picture.

    As far as I can see at the moment the program only allows to select same metric and same method for both trees, while the original eisens cluster3 allows to go with individual selection.

    Also - is there any way to import cluster3 results (.cdt) files into MeV?

    Thanks for your help in advance,


  • Eleanor Howe

    Eleanor Howe - 2010-06-14

    Hi there,

    You're right, as of now MeV doesn't allow different metrics for sample vs gene clusters. MeV's importing of clusters is limited - you can use the Utilities -> Cluster Utilities menu to import groups of genes for assignment in clusters, but mass import of many different hierarchical clusters is not supported.



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