Source code compilation

  • Shibby

    Shibby - 2009-03-18


    I'm a thesis student and I am trying to implement a new text prior for MeV. I am having some problems with compiling the source code, and I was hoping that someone could give me some hints.

    I'm familiar with Java, but I have never compiled a large program like this. (btw I'm working in Eclipse)

    So far, I have downloaded the source code, created a new Java project and loaded all the source files into the "src"-folder of my project. In the Build path I have added the JARs located in the "lib" folder of the complete MeV software.

    When in the build path>order & export window, my "src"-folder is at the top of the list, the program refuses to compile giving a whole list of errors; when it is at the bottom of the list, the program compiles without a problem.

    The problem is that any changes that I made are then discarded. I suppose because all methods and classes are then taken from the JAR files instead. (for testing, I only made some small changes is the text displayed in one of the dialog screens, so I did not do anything that could cause errors).

    Could anyone give me some advice on this?



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