biosystat - 2012-12-29

I have a very simple question!!, actually I have just start working with Mev, it's amazing and user friendly … but the problem is I dont know much statistics, I mean I am a biology man! I have uploaded my data on MeV, it seems that I should do some normalization ,etc I have 7 sample (time line) with 3 replication, what shall I do with replication, should I just consider one of them as expression data or ? Here is the information of my experiment :

Human Genome U133 Plus 2.0

Array 40000 genes = 40000 row

7 sample (time) * 3 rep = 24 column and

`a part of data : every three of them are for one sample/time (replication for one experiment )

AFFX-BIOB-5_AT 7.81507 7.773 8.3 ,…..