Interface is extremely slow

  • JPLaverdure

    JPLaverdure - 2014-08-21


    I just downloaded the latest Linux version (4.8.1) and I suffer multiple problems:
    Whenever I attempt to load some data, the interface freezes for about 1-2 minutes before I get the following error popup:
    Unable to download support file. species available/No arrays

    org.tigr.microarray.mev.resources.SupportFileAccessError: Unable to download support file. species available/No arrays
    at org.tigr.microarray.mev.resources.FileResourceManager.getSupportFile(
    at org.tigr.microarray.mev.file.AnnotationDownloadHandler$

    And when I do manage to load some data, calling the HCL Clustering dialog takes another 2 minutes of wait time, no error popups but shell output line states:
    Error reading supported Bioconductor annotations

    Please look into this as this is making the software almost unusable.

  • S Granjeaud

    S Granjeaud - 2014-09-01


    I already have such a problem. In my case the FTP is not reachable (too strong firewall restrictions at the institute). The program does it best to retrieve the resource (the URL you noticed). Timeout or number of trials depends on program, so the error may appear after 10 sec, 30 sec or more. BUT, if TMeV could access the resource or could get an answer quickly (ie no firewall restriction for example), it will continue. That's weird because if no species is selected, TMeV is still querying the FTP site.

    Check your computer has access to the FTP: copy and paste the URL in the address link of a browser. If the browser rises an error after a delay (10 or more seconds), it means that your computer could not reach the FTP site. You double check with the next URL that is the root of the data: the answer should be nearly immediate. species available/No arrays

    Workaround? I guess that you can redirect to your localhost. Since there is probably no FTP server in your computer, connection to the URL will fail, and TMeV will continue operating without species... this is what we want.



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