Limma//R engine not working on Windows Vista

  • Emanuele Marchi

    Emanuele Marchi - 2011-12-08

    Dear All,
    I'm using tmev on a windows vista machine.
    I tried different installations of tmev and none works properly with limma or modules that uses R.
    On version 4.6 I managed to run limma but I get always no significant genes, where I know there are…(I ran limma in R on my own, using the same dataset).
    I think i have installed tmev correctly.
    Any help would be really appreciated.

    Many thanks,


  • Eleanor Howe

    Eleanor Howe - 2012-01-09

    Hi Emanuele,

    Can you tell me what (if any) error messages came up in the console when you ran MEV and limma? Getting no significant genes usually means that there's a problem with parameter selection. Can you give me a screenshot of the limma dialog where you selected the parameters? Maybe I can see a problem there.



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