Problems with Display - Set element size

  • Dietmar Pils

    Dietmar Pils - 2010-05-31

    I have a problem with 'set element size' in the 'display' pull-down.

    While using different form 20x5 element sizes for the Consensus Matrix graph after a Non-Negative Matrix Factorization the graph dosn't work at all. But I need a much smaller and quadratic size (e.g. 4x4) to see the whole graph.

    This happens both in the Linux and the Windows version.

    Could you please address this problem in your next release.

    Thank you for this very usefull program…


  • Daniel Schlauch

    Daniel Schlauch - 2010-06-11

    Hello Dietmar,

    I am unable to reproduce this bug.  Could you give me more details about how you got there?
    Can you copy and paste any error messages from the console?

    Thank you,


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