Dendrogram format

James Lee
  • James Lee

    James Lee - 2010-05-24

    Is it possible to amend the colour and width of the dendrogram lines drawn for a hierarchical clustering plot? I'm trying to generate figures for a paper with a heatmap plot of around 1500 probes and despite altering the "Sample Tree" size, the dendrogram lines are too faint to be seen clearly.

  • Daniel Schlauch

    Daniel Schlauch - 2010-05-24

    If you have not tried it, gene tree and sample tree properties can be adjusted by right-clicking on the dedrogram.  There is no current option for changing the width or color of the tree, however.  You might try increasing the element size in the "Display" menu will spread out your probes and possibly make it more visible.

  • James Lee

    James Lee - 2010-05-25

    Thanks for the prompt reply. Unfortunately, I have already tried playing with the element size - up to a width of 80 - but there is little difference. I suspect I will have to use a different program to generate the figure. Is this something that could be considered for a future release of MeV? Alternatively, if you could save the image as a vector based file eg PDF then the width of the dendrogram could be altered in Illustrator.


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