sherden - 2013-10-23

Hi, I am on OSX 10.6.8 and:

Every time I try to load a data file from the viewer, even in brand new viewers, it takes longer for the "Load Data" menu option to respond. Just now it just took 12 minutes between the time I made the selection and it actually bothered booting up the "Expression File Loader" window. The delay is right after making the menu selection and the "Searching for Network" dialogue box pops up; then it just hangs before the "Expression File Loader" window arrives and MeV won't respond to anything, even the menu is shown still highlighted as if I were making a selection in it. Once MeV slowly and laboriously makes it to that window though everything is fine.

Again, each time I select this menu option the hang gets worse. Quitting and reopening MeV doesn't help anything. Quitting MeV, clearing out my computer's Java cache, and then reopening MeV doesn't help anything. The only thing that works is to quit MeV (I usually have to force quite as it is basically though not technically frozen trying to preform this task) and then restart my whole computer and try again. It doesn't matter if I clear out the Java cache or not, but the whole computer must be restarted or MeV gets unworkably slow after just opening four or five files (and CLOSING each of them before opening the next – this is not an issue of too many data files open at a time, as I am being careful to only have ONE viewer and one data file open at a time.)