ks280007 - 2011-09-21

I have a problem with one parameter in mev bayesian network. There is one variable, argsweka in BNGUI.java which is supposed to pass to the weka packages. 
argsweka in my program is in the format of:
, -t, /../data/BN_files/agilent/tmp/outExpression.arff,-c, 1, -x, 4, -Q, weka.classifiers.bayes.net.search.local.TabuSearch, -, -R, -P, 3, -S, BAYES,-X, /../MeV_4_7_1/data/BN_files/agilent/tmp/resultBif.xml,-E, weka.classifiers.bayes.net.estimate.SimpleEstimator, -, -A, 0.5

There is one parameter, of "-X, /../MeV_4_7_1/data/BN_files/agilent/tmp/resultBif.xml" which I really don't see any corresponding parameter in weka, could you help to figure out what does mean and where it is used?