SVM help needed

  • Abhi Pandey

    Abhi Pandey - 2012-01-27


    I'm having trouble running a .svm file I saved from a previous training exercise. When I try opening my training classifier on my test data set, I get the following error message " .svm has an incorrect number of weight values for current data set."

    What does that mean?

    Currently my training data set is 2/3 of my original, and the test data set is the remaining 1/3. Does the message mean that it has to be 1/2 and 1/2??

    Thank you for your help!!!


  • Yoriko Takahashi


    I'm sorry but this reply is not an answer to your question.
    I'm having trouble with saving a *.svm file.
    Could you tell me how to save your *.svm file?
    After that I'll try to classify my test data.



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