Clare Nelson - 2011-11-14

I've been trying to work through the RNA-Seq analysis tutorial but am now stuck. The first hurdle is in step 1 of the "Examining RNA-Seq Differential expression" page, where the GO analysis is said to be under the Statistics menu. It's not; it's under the Meta-analysis menu. Well, I got over that one by looking under other menus, only to arrive at a dead end at step 8, where it's confidently asserted that "GOSeq will run".  I guess so, if you define "running" as posting the error prompt "Please choose a gene set file." But the tutorial doesn't say anything about that. It does in step 5 admonish the analyst to download something, which I did, with no visible indication that anything was downloaded.

In step 4 it says "You should have a cluster pre-selected in the cluster selector dialog". But there is no such dialog in the Cluster Analysis tab dialog.

What's missing?