• Roman Mueller

    Roman Mueller - 2012-02-16

    We are having trouble loading Agilent 4x44k array data into both mev and express converter. According to Agilent their feature extraction software does not provide any output that would be compatible with mev. I actually doubt this. Any experience with loading agilent data?


    DNA@UBT - 2012-07-03


    I have sucessfully loaded Agilent feature extraction .txt files as "single color array" experiments. This is just fine. But I also could not load the same files as "single color array". See my post on this. I did not receive a reply so far.


  • Justin Zhang

    Justin Zhang - 2012-09-13

    How to load FE files of Agilent custom gene expression arrays 8X15k  into MeV MultiExperimentViewer - version 4.8.1 - Linux?

    My Expression file loader only allow me enter "tab delimited multiple sample" file with option "single color or two color".  I could not see "Agilent Feature Extraction File" as the manual describes to load FE file.

    Any help I will be very appreciated.


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