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  • raktim

    raktim - 2009-08-20

    Hi Carol,

    Most of the development of MeV is currently carried out at Harvard/DFCI and that group also prepares the source code releases that correspond to each version of MeV.  They usually put the code on the MeV SourceForge site as a zip file.

    I've cc'ed the group at DFCI so that they can advise you on which code release is the most recent.  I hope they can advise you on this and provide a URL to the current code zip.  Sorry I don't have this information off hand.

    MeV is developed at multiple sites.  This forum is the best way to reach all MeV development groups.


    We include weka.jar in the lib folder so all weka classes can be utilized when developing code.  We don't have the means to construct command line calls to weka but developers can use the weka packages to develop analysis modules.

    Best Regards,

    John Braisted

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    I downloaded Mev4.4 from
    But there is no source code in it.

    May I ask is the source code of MeV available online?  Can we call Weka
    from Mev4.4?

    Thank you.


    • raktim

      raktim - 2009-08-20

      Hi Carol,

      We maintain MeV source code at SourceForge in SVN.
      You will need a SourceForge account to browse/checkout the latest source using SVN.
      The development section will have all the details.

      As far as Weka is concerned I just wan’t to add that from next release onwards we will be including only a subset of weka that is pertinent only to the Bayesian Network module of MeV, so all packages of Weka will not me available moving next release onwards.

      Hope it helps.


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