Annotation data for Affy Human 1.0 ST array

  • Sarita Nair

    Sarita Nair - 2009-11-16

    >> To whom it may concern,
    >> I met John Quackenbush at a EMBO training course last month and
    >> queried whether the next version of MEV would include annotation data
    >> for Affymetrix Human Gene 1.0 ST array, which he thought it probably
    >> would. I've just downloaded v4.5, and I can't see it listed in the
    >> array annotation list. Have I missed it or did it not make it into
    >> this version? If not, do you have any idea when it may be available?
    >> Many thanks
    >> James Lee

  • Sarita Nair

    Sarita Nair - 2009-11-16

    Hi James,

    We have some ST array files which we haven't been able to test adequately which is why you did not find them in the array annotation list of version 4.5

    If you are interested we do have a test version on our FTP site. The URL for it is:
    You can try it out and let us know how it goes.

    Sorry for the inconvenience and Thank you for using MeV.


  • HowieGoodell

    HowieGoodell - 2009-11-16

    Hi -

    The files posted this morning were missing the KEGG pathways in EASE.  I just uploaded an improved version.  Let us know how it works!


  • James Lee

    James Lee - 2009-11-28

    Thanks. Due to laptop disasters I am only just having chance to do this - this is probably a really stupid question, but having downloaded these zip files, where do I put them to enable MEV to use them appropriately? Thanks.


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