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  • Mark V. Sullivan

    Welcome to Open Discussion

  • Costantino Landino

    Hi Mark,

    how i can translate the gui in italian ?just add  I a tag in xml configuration files?

    How can I define or include a new template with ead and mix namespaces?


    Costantino Landino

  • Mark V. Sullivan


    My apologies for the late delay, I just saw this now.  (Must have missed it in my email).

    EAD is just too much to edit, I'm afraid.  I originally wanted to support EAD editing, but got scared off by the complexities in that format.  MIX could be added, though.  That is definitely a good idea, and one that I have had on my list for sometime actually.

    If you are still willing to translate this into Italian, let me know.  I will pull together all the text with screenshots and move it to a XML language configuration system.  Would love a reason to do that, since it will make it easier in the future.




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