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Andrey Konstantinov

1.3 (August, 2013)

  • Deprecated and dropped support for callback based implementation of advanced counters
    (use MetricPluginMixin.*Counter classes instead)
  • New metric: std.code.todo:comments - number of todo markers in comments.
  • New metric: std.code.todo:strings - number of todo markers in strings.
  • Defect fixed: critical performance issue for iterative runs
  • Defect fixed: fixed counting of magic numbers

1.2 (August, 2013)

  • Feature suppressions capability for limit tool
  • Feature distribution tables and graphs in viewer
  • Feature export tool (exproting of data files to csv format)
  • Feature unified stdout output format for all tools
  • New metric plugin std.code.magic:numbers: Counts number of magic numbers per region.
  • New metric plugin std.code.lines: Counts number of lines of code, comments, preprocessor,
  • New metric plugin std.code.length: Counts number of symbols per region.
  • New metric plugin std.code.complexity:maxindend: Measures maximum level of indented blocks per function.
  • New metric plugin std.general:size: Measures file size in bytes.
  • New documentation: Explains code regions concepts, available metrics, workflow,
    plugin development.
  • Re-factoring: better Metrix++ api for plugin development.
  • Major bug-fixing: application to real commercial software and use cases.

1.1 (March, 2013)

  • Extension point for post analysis tools added. All tools are merged
    to one '' with plugable actions, like collect, limit, etc:
    run 'python' to get the list of actions supported.
  • fixed Java parser (fixed false match of attributes as functions)