Eclipse 4.x and Metawidget

  • St Clair Clarke

    St Clair Clarke - 2012-04-13

    I have a few questions regarding Metawidget and Eclipse 4.x (NOT 3.x)
    1. The generation of SWT widgets in Eclipse 4.x will be different from 3.x.
    For instance, creating a Composite in 4.x will be
    @Inject Composite
    Button button = new Button( Composite parent )

    Note the absence of the style bit in the creation of the the parent hosting the button widget!
    How will the new mechanism affect Metawidget.

    Eclipse 3.8 will be the final iteration of the 3.x - as of June 2012, the 4.x iteration will be the only one supported by eclipse. Is Metawidget moving towards this support or as it is, metawidget will work?


  • Kennard Consulting

    I'm afraid I'm not up to speed on this. If you could possibly try Metawidget under SWT 4.x and let me know how you go, I'd be most grateful. If SWT 4.x is not backwardly compatible, we'll have work to do. Patches welcome!



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