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  • chris

    chris - 2006-03-18


    I'm right now starting to write my diploma thesis, for which I need some Class and Object diagrams and a whole bunch of Activity diagrams.

    I guess I'd be fine with the MetaUML Class diagrams, and I could use them to create Object diagrams. Unfortunately there are some features in Activities which I rely heavily on, and they are not supported yet...

    a) Activities have 2 kinds of "end nodes", and I need the FlowFinalNode (the one with the cross in it)
    b) I need support for Object flow between Actions.
    c) In the long run, I need support for an Activity box and the possibility to equip it with ActivityParameterNodes, and maybe for exceptions.

    If you need examples for what I mean, I provide some links and page numbers for your convenience:
    The UML spec:

    FlowFinal: Page 403
    Object flow: Page 404
    Whole Activities: 311-314

    If you would consider to add support for this stuff, I would be happy to assist you, e.g. by providing code examples.

    There's just one thing: I'd need support for FlowFinal and Object flow at the end of May latest, since that's the time when I have to turn in my thesis.

    Since I'd like to keep a high standard with graphics (and all Case tools I tried suck badly :-) ), I would really like to use MetaUML. Do you think it's realistic?

    Hope to hear from you,

    • Ovidiu Gheorghies

      Hi Chris,

      Thanks for the effort you put into this clear feature request.

      After a quick look, I think that FlowFinal can be implemented rather quickly. Also, ObjectFlow is feasible to implement - as far as I can tell now it's only partially supported.

      As for pages 311-314, we'll talk about them after the first two items are completed.

      I'll try to make these available in a new release by the end of the month. I'm looking forward to working with you.

      Best regards,


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