Version Mismatch

  • biatche

    biatche - 2006-07-17

    What am I doing wrong? please read details below. This is a new fresh installation, installed from steam. The setup I used to use worked flawless, what have I done different this time.. I wonder..

    rixgames@localhost ~/hlds1 $ Auto-restarting the server on crash

    Console initialized.
    Protocol version 47
    Exe version (dod)
    Exe build: 20:06:55 Mar  7 2006 (3421)
    STEAM Auth Server
    Server IP address loopback
       Metamod version 1.19p28 Copyright (c) 2001-2006 Will Day
         Patch: Metamod-P (mm-p) v28 Copyright (c) 2004-2006 Jussi Kivilinna
       Metamod comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY; for details type `meta gpl'.
       This is free software, and you are welcome to redistribute it
       under certain conditions; type `meta gpl' for details.
    Game DLL version mismatch
    DLL version is 140, engine version is 140
    The game DLL for dod appears to be outdated, check for updates

    FATAL ERROR (shutting down): Host_Error:

    Add "-debug" to the ./hlds_run command line to generate a debug.log to help with solving this problem
    Mon Jul 17 08:42:20 MYT 2006: Server restart in 10 seconds
    Mon Jul 17 08:42:23 MYT 2006: Server Quit

    game "Day of Defeat" 
    url_info "" 
    url_dl "" 
    version "1.3" 
    size "5" 
    svonly "0" 
    cldll "1" 
    secure "1"
    hlversion "1111" 
    type "multiplayer_only"
    nomodels "1"
    nohimodel "1"
    mpentity "info_player_allies"
    gamedll "dlls\dod.dll"
    //gamedll_linux "dlls/"
    gamedll_linux "addons/metamod/dlls/

    • Drek

      Drek - 2006-07-17

      You're missing the closing quote in this line:

      gamedll_linux "addons/metamod/dlls/

      I don't know if that is just your cut and pasting, or whether it is also missing in your game file.

    • biatche

      biatche - 2006-07-27

      wow, you even spotted that.. but it didn't solve the issue.

    • Jussi Kivilinna

      Jussi Kivilinna - 2007-05-08

      Try completely removing old gamedll_linux line.

    • Jussi Kivilinna

      Jussi Kivilinna - 2007-05-11

      I have found reason for the "DLL version is 140, engine version is 140".

      This happens when Metamod fails to load original GameDLL. Because Metamod outputs critical errors with 'ALERT'-function this isn't displayed when running server without '+log on'.

      So run your server with '+log on' and if it crashes with error, run server again with '+log on +localinfo mm_debug 10' and post console output or log file here.


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