• - 2007-06-14

    I compile the Metamod-p from source in linux (Fedora Core 5) and in Windows (with Cygwin.

    My have a size of: 3.844.824 bytes (in Fedora) and 4.851.971 bytes (with Cygwin).
    Your Metamod size: 181.185 bytes

    I use yours sources without any change, and any added file.

    I compile with make, in the root file of metamod:

    ABOUT.txt   Makefile    doc      stub_plugin   wdmisc_plugin
    Config.mak  README.txt  hlsdk    tools
    GPL.txt     dlls        metamod  trace_plugin

    and it compile. Then i go to: metamod/debug.linux_i386/

    and the file its here, i use that file.

    But when i use in hlds server with cstrike print:

    Exe version (cstrike)
    Exe build: 20:02:49 Oct 24 2006 (3651)
    STEAM Auth Server
    couldn't exec language.cfg
    Server IP address XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX:27019
    LoadLibrary failed on ./cstrike/addons/metamod/dlls/ ./cstrike/addons/metamod/dlls/ undefined symbol: __gxx_personality_v0
    Host_Error: Couldn't get DLL API from ./cstrike/addons/metamod/dlls/!
    FATAL ERROR (shutting down): Host_Error: Couldn't get DLL API from ./cstrike/addons/metamod/dlls/!

    Add "-debug" to the ./hlds_run command line to generate a debug.log to help with solving this problem
    Thu Jun 14 15:13:43 CEST 2007: Server restart in 10 seconds

    What i need use in compile? in debug.linux_i386 there are:

    Rules.depend       linkgame.o       mutil.o
    api_hook.o         linkplug.o       osdep.o
    api_info.o         log_meta.o       osdep_detect_gamedll_linux.o
    commands_meta.o    meta_eiface.o    osdep_linkent_linux.o
    conf_meta.o        metamod.o        osdep_p.o
    dllapi.o   reg_support.o
    engine_api.o       mlist.o          sdk_util.o
    engineinfo.o       mplayer.o        studioapi.o
    game_autodetect.o  mplugin.o        support_meta.o
    game_support.o     mqueue.o         thread_logparse.o
    h_export.o         mreg.o           vdate.o

    I need use *.o files? I doens't finish the compilation? I need help. It's very important for my Bussines.

    I need a litle guide to compile .so bynary file.

    My server its Pentium 4, 1gb, 100Mbps. Thax


    • Jussi Kivilinna

      Jussi Kivilinna - 2007-06-16

      You are compiling debug binaries.

      To compile smaller optimized binary use 'make OPT=opt' to compile. Optimized binaries go to 'metamod/opt.linux_i386/' directory.

      "LoadLibrary failed on ./cstrike/addons/metamod/dlls/ ./cstrike/addons/metamod/dlls/ undefined symbol: __gxx_personality_v0", this error is caused by missing linking to C++ libraries but I think that is only because you are trying to compile debug version, optimized should work.

      You don't need *.o files, just the


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