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Making a simple Metamod-p Plugin!

  • Akshat Nigam

    Akshat Nigam - 2010-11-11

    Can please somebody give me a tutorial for making a Metamod-p Plugin!!!
    With its source code in Cpp with description and how to compile it into .dll??

    Just as simple as you can make! I just want a hint how to do this!
    I want to learn this thing very much, but can't find any resource for this, plz plz give me a tutorial?  ( DONT GIVE ANY LINK , Just use your knowledge and experience plz )

  • DenisK

    DenisK - 2010-11-20

    1 Learn c++
    2 Download Metamod SDK and try to compile stub plugin with VC++ 2010 or other version.


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