RoboCop - 2014-02-01

Hello sorry if this random, but I've been trying to compile our clan's own Metamod addons but our coders have left forever, so I thought I make it myself instead. I do have the source .tar or zips but I appear to struggle or know how to compile them in MSVC++ 2010.

I had a look on this link but it appears to be for Source SDK 2007 and 2013, but maybe not for HL SDK.

I've already got HL SDK in my PC with Valve's github on SVN and the Linux GCC in my Ubuntu. Is there any important guides or tips you can maybe share for compiling metamod plugins from MSVC++ 2010 and using the newer HL SDK?

It's just it appears - if I am not mistaken, our old metamod plugins needs to be recompiled as the API for Linux only works with the .so binaries with the i386 suffix but cannot locate the binaries without those or that for SteamPipe.

I've already renamed the binarys by removing those prefixes but could maybe do with some quick fixes and other improvements.