My name is Eik Shakir, my brother and I are two young Libyan refugees who
escaped the country to Egypt together with the security adviser to Muamar
Ghaddaffi, Mr. Ahmed Gadhaf , Mr. Ahmed Gadhaf al-Dam  who also happens to
be the causin to the libyan president Muamar Ghaddaffi received diplomatic
imunity in Egypt but for strange reasons we were refused political asylum
status. Mr. Ahmed Gadhaf al-Dam helped us to migrate to South Afica where
we are currently placed on political refugee status. He gave us the sum of
17.5Million USD to resettle here but on arrival the refugee sitaution does
not allow us to own accounts or possess such funds. We have secured the funds in a
security company and we need a business partner so that we can remove the
funds out of this country for investment purposes.
You shall help us to receive the funds by overseas wire transfer. We are
willing to compensate you with 30% of this funds.
If you accept this offer please contact our attorney at
For information about the security adviser and the escape, please visit:
Please treat this matter as confidential and do not contact me for
security reasons. Contact our attorney whom this matter has been asigned
to at
Eik Shakir