Good day Metahtml-bugs!

We may not know each other but I_m contacting you in light of a serious issue that requires an urgent solution. I found your name and email address on a global email database on the internet.

My name is Koffi Kouame, son of Kouassi Kouame, the former director general of budget and finance in the ministry of Finance in the republic of Ivory Coast. Due to the current political situation in my country, whereby gbagbo, the sitting president who lost the presidential elections of Nov 28th, 2010 has refused to cede power to the internationally recognized winner Alassane Quattara, the country is in chaos and our entire family savings of $975, 147, 00 USD held by UBA bank is in great danger and needs to be transfer out of the country urgently.

I have fled the country in December last year; my family is being persecuted by the Gbagbo regime because my father resigned from his job and switched to the Quattara camp.

I quickly need to find an honest and good person to stand as a receiver of these funds abroad or else the regime might confiscate them as they_ve already taken our houses and farms. Off course you stand to benefit a substantial amount out of these savings. If you are in a position to help please let me know so we can start making arrangements for the transfer and discuss your reward as well. I look forward to hearing from you soon. Contact me on and send your name, and phone number.

Stay blessed,

Koffi Kouame