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    Hi Im triying to install metaf2xml in suse linux 10.3(im new to linux ) every seems fine but havent ve able to make the program run where can i find a good resource of documentation for begginers. I look in the home page but doesnt helpme at all. the reason im interested in this software is because im studying aviation and i think a program like will help me a lot.

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      metaf2xml - 2008-10-13


      I'm not sure what you have read and what you have tried.

      Does "home page" mean the project page from sourceforge? The design was
      recently changed by the sourceforge team, and the navigation has not
      been made easier. Additionally, now JavaScript is required to make the
      page work. (I now use "View" -> "No Style".)

      So maybe you have missed the link to the "Web Site" (below "Summary") On this page, there are further links
      to the README, to manuals for the programs and modules of the project,
      and on where to download the latest version.

      If you have already read and done all of that, you probably already
      found and read the files "README" and "INSTALL", and followed the
      instructions in them.

      If you did not change any settings in, you can then use
      either the programs from the command line or via your web server and a
      browser. The default installation directory for the CGI script is
      /usr/local/httpd/cgi-bin, and the other files are in
      /usr/local/httpd/htdocs. I don't know how your preferred web server is
      configured, but the URL http://localhost/ should show the web
      based user interface.

      You can also check your installation from the command line as described
      in the manual page:
        /opt/metaf2xml/bin/ 'format=xml&msg_metaf=YUDO 090600Z 00000KT CAVOK 22/15 Q1021 NOSIG'
      You should see the XML output on the terminal.

      There is no program that needs to run continuously, no daemon to run in
      the background. The CGI script is executed by your local web server
      whenever you press "decode" in the web interface. The command line
      programs are started manually, of course.

      If you still cannot get it to work, please try to be more specific when
      describing what you have tried and what did not work as expected. Are
      you seeing error messages? During the install? Or when you try to start
      a program from the command line? Do you already see the web interface,
      like in the demo version ?

      Best regards,



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