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Metadot Announces Metadot Portal Server v5.5.1 and Improved

Austin, TX April 9, 2003 Metadot Corporation, the maker of Metadot Portal Server software is proud to announce the availability of its Metadot Portal Server v5.5.1. providing numerous new features and usability enhancements, as well as a number of bug fixes. Metadot Corporation has also unveiled an improved community website at to support open source developers. Metadot Corporation brings the low cost and high value open source paradigm to the portal application spaces.

Posted by Daniel Guermeur 2003-04-10

Download file available for 4.0b

We uploaded the v4.0b tarball here at SF. Enjoy.

Posted by Daniel Guermeur 2003-03-06

Metadot Portal Server software allows web cut & paste

Metadot v2.5.1 add new features like user registration approval, web cut and paste and also a brand new look that is used for our own site

Posted by Daniel Guermeur 2000-11-21

Metadot Portal Server v2.5: Gizmo Architecture implemented!

Metadot Portal Software is now Object Oriented.
The GIZMO architecture is now finalized and allows you to easily create new Gizmo features.
Security has been improved and many features have been added:
- Select your channels more easily with the new interface
- Allow users to subscribe for daily and/or weekly news digest
- Added Table Gizmo
- Added Threaded discussions
- Implemented proxy support to fetch external channels
- Uses configuration file etc/metadot.conf for dabatase information
- Optimized CSS file for MyPage

Posted by Pierre Renaldo 2000-11-09

Metadot Portal Server 2.012: Everything is a channel!

Metadot v2: Everything is a channel! Add external news channels capability like CNN news and internal news from the portal and from discussions. Use XML and RSS. Allows users to create his own page 'My Page' like My Yahoo.

Posted by Daniel Guermeur 2000-06-28

Metadot Portal Server code is now hosted at SourceForge

Metadot Open Source Portal Server has now its new developement home at SourceForge where the source code is hosted under CVS source control.

Posted by Daniel Guermeur 2000-05-17

Metadot portal server release 1.00

Metadot portal server v1.00 has been released. It allows point & click content management and online collaboration. Useful for Internet or Intranet portals. Users can create their own personal public portal including online discussions and newsfeeds.

Posted by Daniel Guermeur 2000-05-07

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