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Danno-1.5 + Emmet/Chico 0.5 released

This is the last scheduled release of Danno / Emmet for ALA and Aust-lit. Key developments are support for annotation schemas / context sensitive annotation in Danno / Dannotate, account/password expiry and CAPTCHA support in Emmet, and an overhaul of the JSPs and wirings to improve configurability and ease of embedding.

Posted by Stephen Crawley 2011-06-28

Danno-1.4.1 + Emmet/Chico 0.4.1 released

This release fixes some bugs in Danno/Dannotate, the most significant being one that caused "repeating" of bare images to give an empty page. We've also restored the missing "pin" cursor.

Posted by Stephen Crawley 2011-03-01

Danno-1.4 + Emmet/Chico 0.4 released

This release is mostly focussed on access control and user management aspects of Emmet. The initial feature-set of Emmet user management is now almost complete, and its web-apis have stabilized and been documented. On the Danno side, access control and login are now fully integrated, and Dannotate has a spiffy new toolbar.

Posted by Stephen Crawley 2010-09-08

Danno-1.3.1 + Emmet/Chico 0.3.1 released

Danno-1.3.x now includes user management and access control provided by Emmet-0.3.x. We have implemented user account creation, password changing and various other administration functions. Danno currently supports coarse-grained access control; i.e. permissions to read and write annotations. (Fine-grained access control, annotation ownership, and remaining Emmet user management functionality will be available in 1.4.x.)

Posted by Stephen Crawley 2010-04-27

Danno 1.0-beta is released

Danno is an annotation server that is compliant with the W3C pre-draft Annotea spec. It is compatible with the Annozilla plugin for Firefox, and also supports harvesting of annotations using OAI-PMH.

Danno is being developed by University of Queensland's eResearch Group as part of the DIAS-B project, funded jointly by ARCS and ANDS, and managed by the Atlas of Living Australia (ALA). Danno software is currently being used in the ALA and Aus-lit projects.

Posted by Stephen Crawley 2009-04-27

Metadata editor and schema facility v 1.2 releases

MDE 1.2 and MSF 1.2 (and selected earlier releases) are now available for download via the SourceForge "" project. MDE is a schema-driven metadata editor designed for embedding in web-based applications. MSF consists of a schema editor, schema repository and related tools for creating and managing MDE's schemas. MSF supports schemas for Dublin Core - like metadata, adding support for nested elements, typed element values, a constraint language and embedded schema documentation. MDE allows viewing and editing of metadata records via a web browser, and validates metadata changes against each record's designated schema.... read more

Posted by Stephen Crawley 2009-02-17

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