#1 Allow windows selection by clicking titlebar _without_ grab


I, like many of my colleagues, often change focus to a
different window by clicking on the title bar. I have
noticed that with Fedora (Metacity) that a single left
mouse click on the title bar of a windows "grabs" the
window and allows the mouse to drag the location of the
window around the desktop until the left mouse button
is again pressed. This configuration proves annoying
when sitting at the console, but becomes intolerable
when remote controlling the GUI via VNC across a slow
WAN connection. Meaning only to give focus to a
windows I find that I am dragging the window around the
desktop, but because the refresh of the screen updates
is slow I often don't realize this is happening until
the window is completely out of position (sometimes
dragged nearly entirely off the monitor) and it takes
thirty seconds or more to put the window back in a
usable location. This is horribly aggravating on a 64K
WAN connection as each screen update may take several
seconds and the window may have to be positioned
several times. I have looked for a configuration
setting to turn this "feature" off, but have not yet
found one. If there is no current way to disable this
feature, could a way be added in the future?


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