Labview v5.1?

  • Antzzz

    Antzzz - 2004-11-22

    Hi, by the looks of things lvdiff doesn't work with Labview 5.1 - the vi doesn't open in this version? Any chance of saving in v5 format so that us poor souls who are unable to upgrade our version of Labview but have to use a version control package can use it?

    • Ian Dees

      Ian Dees - 2005-08-25


      I'm so sorry it took so long for me to see this -- there's some weirdness going on with the forum monitoring.  To answer your question -- alas, I don't have access to LV 5.1 or LV 6i (which can back-save into 5.1).

      However, it's quite possible that someone on Info-LabVIEW ( has the right version and would be able to convert the files for you.


    • Remco Gerlich

      Remco Gerlich - 2007-07-31

      Your message isn't as late as mine :-)

      Same question, different version - any chance of getting a 7.0 or 7.1 version of the VIs? This looks like a great tool, but we haven't moved to 8.0 yet.

      • Ian Dees

        Ian Dees - 2007-08-03

        I'll try a backsave from 8.0 to 7.1 when I'm back in the office next week.  Shall I send them to your scarblac SourceForge address?

    • Tony B

      Tony B - 2008-03-12

      I was curious to know if a compatible version was made for Labview 7.1?
      I get an error when I run it that says "labview 8.0 newer then labview 7.1" or something like that.
      I'm guessing it is because your VI's are in labview 8?


    • Ian Dees

      Ian Dees - 2008-03-13

      Hi, Tony.  I think the LabVIEW 7.1 save was a one-off for a single user who needed it.  I can try back-saving for you, if you like, and send it to your eazycoder address.  Will that work for you?

      • Tony B

        Tony B - 2008-03-28

        Yes, emailing to my eazycoder address if that's ok. It looks like another user has posted a request as well so it might be worth it to post the 7.1 versions of the labview files.

        Thanks a bunch!

    • Anonymous - 2008-03-28

      I too am looking for this utility for LabView 7.1.  It seems that this may become worth it for you to post a version for those of us there are whom I'm certain will remain for ahwile with 7.1.1.

      I'll take it at my email address of course if that is how you'd rather.


    • Ian Dees

      Ian Dees - 2008-03-31

      Hi, everyone.

      I was hoping to send the back-saved VIs by private mail, so that we could shake out any missing vi.lib or user.lib files before unleashing them on the world.  But SourceForge's email is bouncing zipfiles, so I've posted them to a tracker instead:

      If all goes well, I can do a full release that also includes the lvdiff executable and config file.


    • Anonymous - 2008-04-01

      Ok so here is what I have so far...
        Virtual Instrument
          - The subVI expected to be at "C:\Program Files\LVDIFF\Open Config" was loaded from "C:\Program Files\National Instruments\LabVIEW 7.1\vi.lib\Utility\config.llb\Open Config".
          - The subVI expected to be at "C:\Program Files\LVDIFF\Read Key (String).vi" was loaded from "C:\Program Files\National Instruments\LabVIEW 7.1\vi.lib\Utility\config.llb\Read Key (String).vi".
          - The subVI expected to be at "C:\Program Files\LVDIFF\Close Config" was loaded from "C:\Program Files\National Instruments\LabVIEW 7.1\vi.lib\Utility\config.llb\Close Config".
          - The subVI expected to be at "C:\Program Files\LVDIFF\Read Key (Path).vi" was loaded from "C:\Program Files\National Instruments\LabVIEW 7.1\vi.lib\Utility\config.llb\Read Key (Path).vi".
          - The subVI expected to be at "C:\Program Files\LVDIFF\Simple Error" was loaded from "C:\Program Files\National Instruments\LabVIEW 7.1\vi.lib\Utility\error.llb\Simple Error".

      also the version of has a different connector pane than your reference expects.  I assume that the vi was modified between LV7.1.1 and LV8.*.  The difference is simply the existence of the 2 references for the 2 vi's.  I placed a new vi_refum to the version I have, and made the call_by_reference frame match, and simply deleted the wires from the obtain_application_reference primitive.

      This works fine when I run the when I create an lvdiff.ini with the names of the 2 vi's i want to compare.

      I then did a basic build, and tried to use the new .exe i created through TortoiseSVN.  But now, when it starts loading the two comparison heirarchies, it wants to look in the LVDIFF directory for all the libraries (Labview and OpenG).  And it becomes too much to go through and send it to them all.

      Thats it for me tonight. I'm going home.

    • Anonymous - 2008-04-01

      Ok I see where I made my mistake.  The .exe you had was compiled from the c-code you have there, its not a labview executable.  So I put the .exe back in from you LV8.x version and setup TortoiseSVN to use it for diff and merge and it seems to be working.

      So then it looks like the only issues I really had are that 5 files locations are different.  And that the has a different connector pane.

      Thanks, and I hope this helps

      • Ian Dees

        Ian Dees - 2008-04-06

        Hi, James.

        Thanks for giving this a shot.  Yes, NI changed the layout of the compare_two_vis pane between 7.1 and 8.0.1.  I don't have access to 7.1 any more; if you get the chance, could you post the version you corrected to the tracker entry?

        As to the 5 files being in different paths, LabVIEW should remember the new locations after the first time you save  Is this working for you now?

        • Anonymous - 2008-04-07

          Yeah it is working. 
          I did not see how I could upload to that tracker so i created a new one.

          If you want I could send you personally the LV7.1.1 version of the  I wont put it up since its proprietary and I think NI might get mad, but I could see sending it your way so you could test it (assuming it does not need anything else thats different from 7.1 to 8.x)

          • Ian Dees

            Ian Dees - 2008-04-21

            Hi, James.

            I don't think I need the NI comparison VI; just the you posted is fine (and of course keeps us on healthier legal ground).  I'll re-assemble the 7.1 version of the zip and post it as a release.  Thanks for your help on this.



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