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MesonCast is the Internet-radio server that allows you to broadcast the music from your computer or remote servers across LAN in MP3 format. Server can load music from playlists and/or directories, encodes it to MP3 on fly and broadcasts it to connected clients. MesonCast understands a lot of lossy/lossless/tracker formats and CUE sheets. It also can load remote streams or Internet-radio and then retransmit it to clients.

MesonCast has a web GUI, that allows you to control stations, browse a stations' playlist and switch tracks in real time.

MesonCast is written in Qt, uses BASS and BASSmix audio library, licensed under GNU GPL version 3 and runs on Linux, Windows and OS X.

Table of contents

Get the app

Ensure, that you have got a latest version of MesonCast. For that you may want to look at Downloads section or click the following button:

You may also build MesonCast from sources. For more information see "Get the app" article.

Setup the prerequisites

MesonCast depends on some external tools and libraries, so you must install them in order to run the server. In two words, you'll need LAME, UnZip & Qt binaries installed.

For more information see "Setup the prerequisites" article.

Configure the app

The configuration files for MesonCast are in standart INI format. The standard binary packages come with mesoncast.ini file, which contains some instructions about parameters you may use.

For more information see "Configure the app" article.

Configure stations

You must create a single INI file for each station you are going to run. The standard binary packages come with stations/station.ini file, which contains some instructions about parameters you may use.

For more information see "Configure stations" article.

Run the app

You can start the MesonCast server as a common application depending on your platform (for example, using your Start Menu on Windows or Applications Folder on OSX).

For more information see "Run the app" article.

Control and use stations

By default, you will be able to listen to your station via the following address:

You will be able to control your server via HTTP requests. However, it will be more user-friendly to use web GUI (described below) for that case.

For more information see "Control and use stations" article.

Setup a web GUI

You may want to control your station in more convenient way. There is a web GUI for that. It designed with iUI targeting mobile devices. To run it, you'll need HTTP server with PHP support (for example lighttpd), the latest PHP 5 module and MySQL server (for example MySQL Community Server). Copy the contents of /web folder from the distribution package to your server then follow instructions in /web/inc/settings.php.template file to setup correct web app parameters.

Your web GUI will look like this:

Screenshot thumbnail
Web GUI: Playlist
Screenshot thumbnail
Web GUI: Search
Screenshot thumbnail
Web GUI: Main window
Screenshot thumbnail
Web GUI: Queue
Screenshot thumbnail
Web GUI: File Operations
Screenshot thumbnail
Web GUI: Retransmitting Internet-radio

For more information see "Setup a web GUI" article.

Quick solutions

If you've encountered a problem, then first of all, make sure you read the whole manual described in this wiki. Also try to analyze the application's output. Try to vary some parameters. If you're absolutely sure, that you're unable to resolve the problem by yourself or there's some bug in the application, then submit a bug ticket.

For more information see "Quick solutions" article.


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