#43 Search filter by name


When you released the new version of meshlab last year I was fairly disappointed to see that filters were not presented in a list anymore and that you inserted "categories". I got lost many many times when searching for the filter I wanted in these sub-menus. Now, the number of filters is going to be always-incrasing so I here propose something to solve the problem. I wish that the first entry in the "filter" menu item to be a smart search box, like the first line in the "help" menu entry. I attach a snapshot highlighting it.

The best thing possible is to think of categories as labels, like it happens in gmail. Then you could write something like: "poisson | color" and the filter categories names would disappear, leaving only a list of all the filters containing those keywords in the list.


  • Paolo Cignoni

    Paolo Cignoni - 2010-04-29

    it is a long long planned feature.
    by the way, what version of meshlab do you refer to?
    it ALWAYS had filters categorized under menu/classes...


  • Andrea Tagliasacchi

    I am not sure, I would have to go to the lab and check. But I am positive I had a version where there were not categories and the filters were in a simple list


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