Daniele Calisi - 2014-05-16

Dear MeshLab maintainers,
I am just starting with this wonderful software, I am importing a .ply point cloud, with the following attributes: x, y, z, nx, ny, nz, red, green, blue. The cloud is correctly imported into MeshLab (I can see the colors), but I found two issues:
1) I want to smooth (e.g., by averaging with neighbours) the colors, I tried with "Smooth: Laplacian vertex color", but MeshLab says that the current mesh does not have Vertex Color (???)
2) I know the normals are right (the cloud is the reconstruction of a room, looking at the normals I can see floor normals going up and wall normals going horizontally), however, also changing the direction of the light has some strange results in the lighting, it is like the z axis of the normals is pointing in the opposite direction (walls are lit in the right way, but the floor is dark, and it is lit on the opposite side)

Thanks for your support!