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  • Francesco Girelli

    Hi all.
    I have to compare two meshes of a tooth.

    To reduce the time of computing, the meshes in this example are very reduced
    (1%) respect to the original.
    The meshes refer to the same tooth but are producted by two different scanners
    with different precision.
    I've imported the two mesh in meshlab, I made alignment,

    applied "hausdorff distance" filter, applied "colorize per vertex" filter.
    I obtain this images.

    They don't seem to represent the really distance between the mesh.

    I tried to use another software and results are :

    with this software I also obtain a csv file like this:
    this file is what I really need, specially the last column.

    I ask:
    - Why the images are so different?
    - How can I obtain the csv file with Meshlab?

    Thanks in advance

    • Mercedes Morita

      Mercedes Morita - 2014-12-05

      Hi Francesco,
      Did you solve the comparison between the two meshes of the tooth? I am interested in doing a comparison also. I have tried it on meshlab with your method and I think the cause of the different graphics (with the different software) is because in Meshlab you applied the filter on the the smaller mesh. If you positioned on the bigger one it would look like the second graphic of the other software. This is only a hunch I have, because it happened to me.
      But well, I would like to know if there is a more precise method in meshlab to do this.
      (sorry for my english)

  • fxzaragoza

    fxzaragoza - 2012-01-15

    To compare two surfaces, error statistics, you can use this software:

    License: GNU GPL
    Another beautiful software

    fxzaragoza from Spain

    (Sorry for my bad English ;-)


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