Import error with .pts file

Mike Chan
  • Mike Chan

    Mike Chan - 2011-01-18

    I am new to MeshLab, also new to Point Cloud staff. I received a 3D laser
    survey data of a building, which is in .imp file format and .pts format. I
    guess the .imp file is not supported by MeshLab, so I try to use the .pts file
    as import. But MeshLab dispaly an error with no detail massage, just said
    impot fail. Any idea to resolve this issue?
    I tried to open the .pts file(which is >300mb) I received in Notepad and the
    example file of .pts came with MeshLab. My .pts opened with xyz and GRB
    valve(i guess), but the .pts file in MeshLab example opened with unreadable
    content. Are they different? Or is my .pts too big for MeshLab to open?
    Please help and thanks in advance

  • Anonymous - 2011-02-14

    Yes they are different. The meshlab one is binary.
    and you mean xyz rgb not grb.
    pts files in mesh lab are imported as xyz + normals. If I remember correctly
    the normal nx ny nz must be in decimal. eg 0.0
    Its because its a float.
    But you want to convert this file to a ply if you need to get in the rgb.
    Thats the only way I know... besides programing another i/o lol
    Good luck

  • Anonymous - 2011-02-14

    clarification, pts are imported as .xyz file containing x y z nx ny nz

  • Vlado

    Vlado - 2012-03-02

    I have the same problem with opening my .PTS file taken from a stereo camera.
    But I didnt quite get what should I do to make it work.
    When I view my pts file in a notepad it looks like this:
    -1.025330 -0.851877 2.903014 70 66 63 9.000000 30.000000
    -1.001050 -0.835320 2.846593 70 65 62 9.000000 31.000000
    -0.998113 -0.836507 2.850637 68 64 61 9.000000 32.000000
    -0.992768 -0.835676 2.847805 66 64 60 9.000000 33.000000
    -0.988975 -0.836151 2.849423 65 63 60 9.000000 34.000000
    -0.983082 -0.834846 2.844979 64 62 59 9.000000 35.000000
    -0.979705 -0.835676 2.847805 63 60 58 9.000000 36.000000

    Is this a wrong format of a PTS file? And does this mean I have to convert it

    Thanx for the help.


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