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Importing OBJ format doesn't load MTL c...

  • Paolo Messina

    Paolo Messina - 2011-02-06

    Latest code from SVN repository fails to load MTL materials associated to OBJ
    files. The import works correctly, but face colors are wrong. Old BETA 1.30
    2010_10_08 and official 1.2.3 versions did work correctly in this regard.

    I can provide sample OBJ+MTL pairs that fail to import colors correctly in
    current development version.

    I have built a custom version using "import_obj.h" file from version 1.2.3 and
    I get colors right.

  • Paolo Cignoni

    Paolo Cignoni - 2011-02-08

    Yes thanks, can you provide an example file?


  • Paolo Messina

    Paolo Messina - 2011-02-13

    Nevermind, I updated my codebase from SVN to get the old code back and I found
    out it's working ok now.

    But please have a look at my other post about U3D, I've spotted the bug and
    it's a very easy patch (just move a closing brace in the generated IDTF).


  • Paolo Messina

    Paolo Messina - 2011-02-20

    Well, this is starting to become a little weird. I've updated my sources from
    SVN again and rebuilt.
    Now the OBJ+MTL import shows incorrect colors again!

    Since it's a quite large example (1.8MB zipped) I don't know how to post it,
    bug tracker has a limit of 256KB for attachments. I'll try to see if I can
    reduce the size.

  • Paolo Messina

    Paolo Messina - 2011-02-20

    Ok, I found out that menu option "Render > Color > Per Face" does display the
    correct colors!
    But I never changed that and it was set on "Render > Color > Per Vertex", that
    shows wrong colors.

    • Wolfgang.Ehlert

      Wolfgang.Ehlert - 2013-03-12

      I also found this as a solution for my problem.
      Do you know how to have the menu option "Render > Color > Per Face" as the default, such avoiding to set it again and again?


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